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First of all, let me say I dont consider primers obligatory in make up routine. Person can live normaly whitout one. IMO, most people could really go with just quality moisturizing foundation without priming face. Just like eyeshadow base and million brushes, face primers have become must have in last few years. My mom never had a primer. Oh, God, how I hate make up trends. But I always jump on the wagon.

Anyway, I tried a few primers – Sephora, Pupa, Shiseido. I will write about the last one today because it is my favorite primer ever. Other two were greasy and overloaded with silicones and felt heavy on skin.

Shiseido Smoothing Veil is must have for me. Although I dont use it often as I did before because I replaced regular foundation with BB creams and with them I dont feel a need for priming at all in normal circumstances, I still reach for it when I need my make up to stay on all day.

It comes in jar like most face moisturizers which I like because I can see how much product has left and I can use every single drop of it. I dont care about “super clean bacteria free only tubs and pump bottles are way to go” crap because, lets face it – do you really think a bacteria cant come into the tub just because you dont touch products with fingers? Well, good morning to you, my dear, bacteria are aaaall around us so dont decive yourself that product is sterile when it comes out of factory and that you are keeping it sterile.  That is the reason you find so many perservatives and conservans in cosmetic products so you can also question yourself have you ever seen mold on your face cream or foundation which you used with fingers. I think you havent, too. This is not a story about how you should be dirty and stinky and not care about hygiene, I just get easily annoyed by bacteria overreacting which is also very popular lately. And btw, you cant become resistant to something you have never been in contact with. Thats the way our body and immune system works. The other pair of sleeves is the question – do you wash your hands prior to applying make up? If you dont, there is no point in making believe that you are doing something good for your skin by buying pump bottles of foundation and leaving half of product in. But again…who am I to tell you what to do? I just like ranting on everything. And I love bacteria.

Back to the jar of SV – it contains 30ml (1oz), like most foundations and creams, and product itself is white and quite runny cream. You need a tiny bit to cover all face, dont put on too much or it will peel off in pieces when you put on foundation.  It leaves soft and velvety feeling on skin and fills in minor pores and wrinkles. Dont expect miracle wrinkle eraser but it will improve skin condition whatsoever. It also whitens skin a bit so foundation sits on top of it equaly and you can apply it flawlessly.

On skin

I have used 6-7 jars of this in last 3-4 years, that much I can tell you. One jar can last you 6 months with reasonable everyday use. After Shseido SV, I stoped buying any other primers because this one was great for my skin.

Only thing is…Price here in Croatia…well, like most high end make up – about 60$. You can find it online at Strawberrynet for half less.

So, if you feel need for better foundation performances, flawless and resistant make up…try this. You wont regret it. And love your bacteria.

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