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I have been in love-hate relationship with Colorstay over the past few years and I can thank that to my skin which changes periodicaly, ranging from oily to dry sometimes in matter of days.

Revlon makes colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin and dry/normal. I addmit that I hate the o/c one because it reminds me of wall paint by smell and also by texture. Additional problem is also color selection because there is no neutral tones so I have to choose between pink or yellow, and I think yellow is a bit closer to my undetone than pink. So „my“ shade is 150 Buff. In dry/normal skin it is definetly wearable, I have to make just a small adjustment with blush or bronzer to make it natural (I have never found a perfect matching foundation and I doubt I ever will). Oily/combination dries so fast I cant even apply it without leaving patches of foundation all over my face. And no brush helps with that. I am not fond of mixing foundation with moisturizer so I definetly wont be buying that type again.

So back to the Colorstay. Putting aside the color range and not having a perfect match for my skintone, foundation itself has a nice texture and kinda reminds me of BB creams, I can compare it with Missha Shiny. I would say the coverage is medium to full because I can still see some blemshes after I apply it so concealer is inevitable. One more thing I dont like on this foundation is definetly a bottle with no pump or dispenser, so I have to pour foudation out on my wrist and then apply it on face. Considering the fact that this is a drugstore foundation with higher price than most drugstore foundations (20$) I really think they should put a pump on or make it like jar or at least include spatula.

If I had to list bad and good things about this foundation, it would go like this:

high price for drugstore foundation
without adequate pump=product waste
without exact match for my skintone (neutral)
white cast on photos with flash (due to SPF)
nice appliance on skin, doesnt feel heavy
doesnt set in fine lines
SPF 15
rich texture which blends well
doesnt dry out the skin
long lasting

So my grade would be 6/10. I am still more comfrotable with BB creams than with foundations but for periodical use this one works quite well.

On skin (my wrist area has pink undertone)

Bare skin (face area) and with CS foundation

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