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I love colors in make up, that is something I cant deny. The brighter, the better. But the best thing about this tutorial and eyeshadows used is that they are all mixed by me and colors are unique ^^ beat that.

Anyway, lets get it started by applying foundation like you usually do (I am getting boring with this opening sentence for all tutorials.)

Then we take purple eye pencil and draw a thick line by upper lashes and a thinner one on the lower lashline.

And we smudge it.

And we take our fluffy blending brush and apply a thin layer of dark purple eyeshadow on top of smudged pencil.

We do the same thing on lower lid.

Then we take our fluffy brush again and go over purple with cycamen eyeshadow to give it depth and make it more intensive.

Using a wet angled brush, apply a thin line of gold eyeshadow nearest possible to lashes.

Smudge the line while it is still wet for softer effect.

Apply a thin line on lower lasline too, and smudge a bit. Dont overdo.

Again, take a fluffy brush (smaller one if you have it) and dust a bit of gold eyeshadow and blend it a bit with purple. Take an angled brush again and reapply a thin line of gold near lashes.


If you want more drama, draw a line with black eyeliner.

Slap on the mascara and you are done.

This was easy, neh?

I combined it with peachy blush and nude lips. (this doesnt bling as much on daylight :()

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