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You have probably heard about new Make Up For Ever campaign featuring products from their HD line. HD is some big trend at the moment, so well…
It is not just the HD stuff that’s interesting in MUFE campagin, but the fact they decided to go with unphotoshoped images of models wearing their products. How revolutionary.
Crowd went wild about that, like-finaly the real woman without that monster photoshop is shown, no more false advertising!
Yeah…I just rolled my eyes.


Lets point out some facts about the ad itself:
-it features a woman that looks, I dont know, about 25 years old?
-she is taking a snap shot of herself which is not so relevant, but we can clearly see some white powder on her arm since it is outstreched holding a camera.
-lightening seems to be a little bit shaded so it doesnt look like typical cosmetic ad with lights flashing from all around.
-background has some textures which are also unusual for that sort of ads, and model herself is wearing two different but very notecable patterns.

It is all fun and games but…the fact is that MUFE will turn around a great amount of money because of this campaign, which will come out of the wallets of woman hoping to achive the perfect look like model on photo has.
Dream on, my dear.


How about some realistic facts? The model is girl much younger than she looks like, with absolutely perfect skin which probably doesnt need any foundation at all. Do I have such skin? Do you? Does anyone you know?

I dont buy all that “not photoshoped” stuff. Who garanties you that the ad is not shopped? The company? Their PR? Sorry, not very reliable sources when you think about it. You may think it is not photoshoped merely because it looks like that, but the secret of good photomanipulation is all about making it look real.

Playing with obvious mistakes made by purpose, like the white powder on her arm which is very visible (but how did it get there? Any ideas?), the wrong undertone used on face and not the best job done with undereye area, it just distracts your eyes and makes you think – it’s real.

Beside the photoshop stuff, anyone who is even a little bit into photography knows what a good lightening does. Even if it is subtle like on this ad, it is still a very good lightening that flaters skin and make up. Good lightening can erase more than 50% of skin flaws.

I mentioned background and clothes because they are a good distraction when you are looking at the photo. Tell me you havent noticed that.


I think we have all overgrown the mascara ads with false lashes. It is iritating like hell but we dont believe it nor do we waste out money based only on the TV commercial or magazine ad featuring for ex. Eva Longoria with 10 pairs of false lashes on each eye saying-Because Im worth it! Yeah, you are worth of… better not to say.

It is a nice trick and well played move-everyone else in make up industry is serving you photoshoped sh** so we will be honest and make you look like a model.
And there comes a big BUT(T)…
Average woman is not a model. She has enlarged pores, wrinkles, discolorations, zits and even some acne or scars.
HD? Sorry, MUFE, but you cant affect laws of physics. If you have a zit on your forehead, it casts shadow which makes it visible. How are you gonna cover that up? HD? Yeah…
Will HD foundation also fill in enlarged pores and make your skin look like porcelain? Will it smooth out skin on photo below? Of course…



Good products? I dont doubt that MUFE makes good stuff although I havent tried any yet.
Amazing HD foundations? Every foundation can look amazing on flawless skin.
Smart advertising? Without doubt.
Common sense? Show me an average person using your products, without studio lightening, taken by average photographer. Will results be just as flawless? I think we all know the answer. But that would give you a real stuff to brag about.

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