How I wash my make up brushes.


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Yeah, I know..there are like million posts/articles about washing make up brushes out there but I decided to go with it anyway because I dont use special shampoos, conditioners and unicorn pee to take care of my tools. Many people think that brushes are like i.e. human hair. While the texture of the fibers might be similar, brushes do not have roots or scalp which are the most sensitive parts of our hairy goodness and the main reason why we use all sorts of hair care products. If we take it even further, ask yourself-have you ever seen a split end on a make up brush? And how often do you use then and in which why?


When you have like 50 brushes as I have and you need to wash them (I do it once a week), you can just break your spine standing over the sink for an hour, rubbing your mild shampoo and rinsing it over and over again to get all the pigment off. Think about those terrible foundation brushes or the gel liner ones, all greasy and sticky from silicones and stuff. Did you ever managed to wash all that sh** off in just one rinsing? I didn’t. When it comes to me and my brushes, I prefer to wash them quick and make all 50 of them squeaky clean in just 10 minutes. There isnt a shampoo in the world that can do that. So what exactly do I use?


This might be shocking to some of you, but the best thing out there to wash your brushes is something we all have at home. A dish washing liquid. I use Jar. It just melts away everything greasy in just a few seconds, leaving your brushes completely clean. The smell isnt as nice as most of shampoos, but I prefer my brushes sanitized over a nice smell. However, Jar has a new line, Dermaprotect something, which smells like coconut, disolves everything with oily texture and costs like 3$. Not to mention a bottle will last you well over a year. You can just use your palm to soap them up or you can take a sponge and rub them into it.


There is no need for conditioner and all sorts of products I see people use. I have my brushes for like 4 years. I wash them this way all the time because I it really doesnt amuse me at all to spend half of day rubbing the make up off of them. Never a hair fell off. They didnt become scratchy neither were they destroyed.

If you want to have your brushes for a long long time, you should watch out for this:

-never leave them with fibers pressing down (in a holder).

-dont use flat brush guards (ones that usually come with brushes because they can flatten them)

-never store them before they are completely dry.

-try not to wet the part where metal is glued on the handle (its not the end of the world if you do because we have superglue these days)

-dry them upside down or lying on a towel. And for godsake dont even think about using hair drier to speed up the process.

-when applying product like eyeshadow, dont press the brush down vertical on the surface. Do it in half horizontal position and sweep left and right to pick up the pigment.

-choose synthetic fibers over natural ones for all the creamy or liquid products.

-they can last you a long time. But that doesnt mean forever. Make your peace with the fact you will probably have to replace a brush once in a 10 years.


So, how do you wash your brushes? Any special tips? Will you try it my way?

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