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I am making a short break between Illamasqua swatches. Skin Base foundation will be published on blog later today so I had to make a little digression with one LOTD.

When it comes to music, lately I have been listening to Tori Amos a lot. I love her texts, her music, her energy on stage. That woman is amazing, very talented and so special. My look is lightly inspired by her make up in Hey Jupiter video. I say “lightly inspired” because I used bit different colors and made it more wearable. Well, actually I cant even see the real colors because the video has a ton of filters.


I used MAC Tone Grey quad, a black eyeliner pencil and mascara.

I look so funny in this photo :D


What else…oh yeah. I am one of those people who hate 14.2. I am foreveralone.jpg as you might see yesterday if you follow me on Facebook. In case you missed it, here is greeting card to all my readers.


Čučko will be my valentine <3 this is S. birdie who likes my hair a lot.

And one thing I really, really don’t like at the moment. Winter is melting away. :( I want more snow.

I have been on pause from buying cosmetics lately, but I couldn’t resist buying another Façade lipgloss while I was in Illamasqua. Façade is my favorite lip product ever and I cant live without it. I also bought Succubus for S., now I just have to force her to make a guest post/review on my blog soon. I also got some Freak samples. That perfume is…wow. But I am probably so mad about it because it reminds me of some very special moments. <3

Enough for now, spam ya later with Illamasqua Skin Base swatches.

Tell me, are you celebrating love holiday? Your favorite perfume? What music do you like?

And here is Hey Jupiter for you to listen while typing a comment ^^ (this is an original version, I like it more that one in official video)


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