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Hai there!

Two posts in one day again *successkidmeme.jpg*

Lot of you liked the look I posted on my facebook page yesterday so I decided to make a quick tutorial for a really simple cut crease. I used turquoise because I like the color, you can use any other, of course.


Only difference from yesterdays look was that in this tutorial I did lighter shading in inner corner of the eye.

Let us start.

Prime your lids with your favorite eyeshadow base. I used UDPP.

Using a white eye pencil as additional primer, line and fill the entire lid.

Blend it out.

Take a light beige eyeshadow and tap it all over the lid.


Draw a crease line  with a pencil in color of your choice. Go as far up as you want. I went just a little bit over the crease.

Blend it upwards. I used angled brush for this.


Make a line more visible and set it with eyeshadow in matching color.

And blend, blend, blend.

Line the waterline with the same pencil you used to cut crease.

And go among the lashes with the same eyeshadow used in a step before.

Add a little bit of black eye pencil in outer corner of the eye to make it more defined.

Apply black eyeliner in medium thick line.

And mascara.

That’s it!

Will you try this? If you do, make sure to send me photos! ^^

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