He who Kontrols the spice…


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…controls the universe.

I am all about Dune movie, I just go crazy about it now and then. Herbert is my man and Dune is one of rare SF books/movies I really adore and always come back to. Quote from the title reminded me about one of my favorite Illamasqua lipsticks, the beautiful Kontrol I already showed you many times, but this time it is a part of “all Illamasqua” look of the day.

I used Hollow cream pigment as a concealer, cream foundation (which I forgot to put into picture below), Spite powder blush for contouring, Fundamental palette (Bedaub+Surge mixed) in inner corners of my eyes, Eyeliner cake in Mislead as eyeliner, Eyebrow cake in Gaze for eyebrow defining, Masquara on my lashes and of course, Kontrol on lips.

I am currently experimenting more with Cream foundation and Eyeliner cake and I must say I am pleasently surprsed because I wasnt expecting much because I never liked cream foundations (I didnt liked cream blushes too, but now the tables turned) and Eyeliner cake was something new to me which I had no real need in using because I am happy with my Eveline liquid liner, but it is a nice change and a product worth having.

And yeah… :D

Give me some ideas for LOTDs you would like to see. Colors, finishes, eyes or lips, doesnt matter. I am also taking requests for tutorials, tips, reviews. :) (too much free time, probably)

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