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Is there a better psychotherapy than makeup? I think not, especially when you have a beauty like Apocalips in your stash, waiting for you to put it on your lips. There is something special, I can even say sexual about teal lipstick. It is almost forbidden, not to be talked about…but it feels so good. And looks even better.

Teal lips make me strong in some way. Confident, bold. I love how it looks on me.

I paired it with black eyeshadow blended over lid and slightly contoured cheeks. As simple as it can get.

I also like how my eyebrows turned out today – they are different every day, depending on how I draw them. Howevery, I wasnt happy with the light in my room. I tried out some new things and ended up with 150 photos of which are 140 under or over exposed.

How are you lately, my dear readers? What is the most seen color on your lips?

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