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I wasnt much active on blog last few days, personal problems yay. And since I havent done any reviews for three weeks, it seemed right I get on to business and write something useful. So…

Among beautiful thingies I got from Lush, there was also a toner – Eau Roma Water. I wasnt really using toners until recently when I got Garnier Fresh and I used it for some time and now replaced it with this one.

Lush says that this products is made for dry, sensitive and mature skin, with ingredients like lavander and rose water. It is alcohol free and with really nice lavander smell. It comes in spray bottle which I consider a good solution if you are on the move and want to have something with you for quick refresh. You can also (when at home) spray it directly on face or on a cotton pad.

After use, it leaves skin fresh and hydrated, especially in summer & high temperatures like we have lately in Croatia. I also came to a conclusion it works great as a make up fixator, but be sure to spray it from distance or else you can end up with wet face and melted makeup. I have the smaller bottle, use it everyday for the last month and it seems that I spent maybe 1/3 of it so it really isnt expensive at 90,00kn for 250g. I dont know what is the price of smaller size, since I got it from Lush. I will find out and edit this post.

I also must say I am getting quite hooked on Lush products and skincare. See how things and bloggers change? :)

Anyway, Eau Roma will definitely be in my summer favorites post.

Do you use toners and which is your favorite?

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