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I had a nice afternoon yesterday. First, making awesome photos I already showed you on Facebook. I am always incredibly happy when I get my lighting right because that makes editing so much easier. Literally, two clicks and you are ready to post that photo. No need to say how it makes skin so fresh and radiant, erasing pores, lines and all the stuff we hate on our faces :D

I had my eye makeup done in shades of green. I havent wore green for some time and this was quite refreshing because I almost forgot how much I like green shimmer on my lids. Too bad I didnt have more time to make detailed photos, but you will forgive me, won’t you? :)

I was in rush because I went for a walk with D. He took some photos along the way and we enjoyed late afternoon sun by the Korana shore.

I got some requests to make a outfit of the day post over at Sminkerica. I wont be doing that because my clothing style is too hobo for showing and I usually walk around in black loose clothes and flip-flops/sneakers, without any accessories beside camera bag or my usual “over the shoulder” bag. I just look like a big black hole if you get me :D

You can also notice my beautiful amazonian legs. Kidding, it is not amazonian, more like a truck drivers. You can just imagine how hard it is for me to find high boots in which I can stuck my gigant calves.

I hope you will enjoy a day off today, but before that, tell me what is your clothing style?

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