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Makeup challenge – day 2 – NEON.

I am running a bit late, yes…but try to understand me, the heat for the past few days was unbearable and I, as a hater of high temperatures, was forced to lock myself in and stay in bed all day, scrolling the endless space called Tumblr. :D

This look was already published on Sminkerica, because my fellow bloggers from over there are also doing this challenge so we post out looks together two times a week. Since I wasnt at home and had pretty limited amount of makeup with me, I couldnt do anything more than a bright lip with my summer favorite – Illamasqua Eurydice. I know I am getting boring with that lipstick, but trust me, it is the most magnificent color ever and you need it! Actually, everyone needs a kick of such brightness in life!

Aaaand because it was so incredibly hot when I was taking these photos, I have only two in which I dont look like a melting snowman ;D

Eyes were done very simply, in shades of white, gray and brown, with eyeliner and thicker eyebrows. This is the way I usually wear this lipstick- it’s fast, simple and stays on for hours and hours.

Next makeup challenge is bold/statement lip and I still cant decide what to do D: Give me suggestions!

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