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I didnt plan to make this post, at all. But sometimes best things come unplanned.

Today was all about enjoying sound of rain againt my window, drinking ginger&lemon tea sip by sip and trying out some of the brushes I bought yesterday. I will write a word or two about classic art brushes you can use with makeup in some other post, but this time I will just show you what I made out of the boredom and wish to experiment with fantasy makeup.

I cant say I dont like fantasy, but I always somehow focus myself into wearable makeup. This is the second time ever I stepped out of my boundaries and let myself see my face as a canvas instead of just skin.

When I posted this look on facebook to show my readers this little experiment, I really didnt expected so much likes and positive comments and that did, actually, encourage to save this look in post.

It is still far from perfect, at least I think so, but I will try to work on artistic approach towards makeup and play with colors in this way even more.

I used just a few products to make this – Revlon matte lipstick Really Red, Catrice lipstick Afterwork Wine, Illamasqua Eyeliner cake in Mislead and Illamasqua Rich liquid foundation in 140.

And please, please…try to ignore my hair flying all the way around, it likes to do that after I wash it, before I take my hair iron and make it nice and straight. I also didnt do my best with photos because I was taking them for my own archives and the light wasnt on my side either (cloudy weather, huh…wish me luck with photos this fall!).

I appreciate your honest opinion because I feel quite insecure in this area of makeup, so please try to leave as much as constructive criticism as possible in comments. Thank you :)

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