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Yes, yes, yes…the title says it all. I am far behind makeup challenge posts. Maybe because I am posting them on Sminkerica and later forget to post them there…who would know? Maybe the fact I hated three of four of these challenges had someting to do with it? However, to reedem myself, here are the photos. Enjoy my misery. :)

First of them is color blocking. Lets make one thing clear – I hate color blocking. I dont get that trend, for gods sake, it doesnt look good anywhere beside the runaway. I did a quick purple eye-orange lips and I look…bad. Very bad.

Second is natural look. I dont like natural. Natural is boring. No natural for me, thank you very much.

Smokey with a twist – well, that was good. Beside the fact I was doing this look couple of times because I wasnt pleased with makeup/photos. But smokey eyes – yay.

Last one is coral. If I hate something as quite as color blocking, it is coral. I despise that color, all shades of it. Stay away from me, coral!

When I look all these photos together, I see how my skin tone looks different on each one, thanks to my window and light outside. Gaaah. Light – eternal suffering of beauty bloggers.

Which is your favorite makeup trend? Which one you hate? Tell me in the comments.

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