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Lush Angels on bare skin face cleanser is a product I use everyday. Since I first tried it, it has became part of my routine, mainly because it is really a good product which, combined with some other products, improved my skin condition.

It is important to say – AOBS is not a makeup remover. It doesnt take off makeup so good on itself, so make sure to clean your face with something else before you wash it with AOBS. It comes in one piece and looks like clay, but softer and more oily in consistency. I advise you to put it in a jar so you could use it easier. I used old moisturier jar which I cleaned before placing this product in it.

The easiest way of using it is just by taking a piece and mix it with few drops of water on your palm so it becomes softer and easier to spread over the face. Use it with circular motions for a few minutes, concentrating on the areas where you have skin problems (blackheads, dry patches), and just rinse off. Scent of this product is light, herbal. It reminds me a lot of chamomile but I dont see it among the ingredients. It also has a bit of nice, soothing lavander. Other important ingredients are milled almonds and caolin which make this product effective, but also mild enough to be used every day.

Considering the fact it isnt packed like most of skincare products, only bad side is that you need a couple of minutes more when using it, but you get used to it very fast. After use, the skin is soft, smooth, radiant. My face doesnt feel dry, even more, sometimes I dont even have a need fot moisturizer after I use AOBS.

All in all – great product for refresing skin, for dead skin removal and also deep hydratation. My boyfriend also tried it (he has extremely dry skin) and it did wonders on this dry patches, so you can even consider it as a gift to your worst halves :D Price is about 70kn.

What products do you use as a face cleanser? Do you like simple, classic packaging or something alternative like this one?

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