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I got some requests for making a holiday/New Years eve makeup. Although I never limit myself to occasions when it comes to makeup, I know many of my readers do so I decided to make a few looks in next two weeks which will be inspired by holiday season but with my own touch to it.

First of them will be a tutorial for a look I posted some time ago on my Facebook page which got quite a lot of likes and comments. It is not completely the same as you will see in the end because I havent applied glitter in inner corner of my eye, but of course, you can apply it wherever and however you want, this is just a suggestion :)

And also please bear in mind that the original photo was taken with my DSLR while with photos in this tutorial I used my compact Nikon camera and the light is different, too.

I usually do my foundation after dealng with glitter because of the fallout which is hard to remove after it sticks to foundation and conceraler around the eyes. You can do the trick with transparent powder under the eyes but I dont like doing that, some of the glitter sticks no matter how much powder you use. I applied some concealer on the lid to even out the color and dusted a bit of powder to make a matte finish so the creamy products will stick better.

Using a flat brush, I applied gel liner in blue as a base for glitter to stick to. You can use whatever color you want and product you want/have as long as it’s sticky, i.e. in the original photo I used black eye pencil.

Line the outer corners of the blue with black pencil.

And blend it out. 

Apply glitter on the blue parts. I usually do that with a finger because you can press it better with  and the brush just makes the glitter fly all over.

After I applied glitter, I outlined the outer corners with black eyeshadow to make a look more “defined”. Just follow the line you made with black pencil.

And blend, blend, blend to soften the edges.

Line the waterline with black pencil.

And blend it out with pointed brush and black eyeshadow.

This is optional. Now you can apply some glitter in the innder corner to make it extra sparkly (like on the first photo) or you can keep it this way, whatever you prefer. You can also just apply a generous coat of mascara or put on some fake lashes like I did for a dramatic finish. :)

I find that the easiest way to remove glitter is just a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover you will draw in only one way (left to right or reverse). Some particles that stay behind can be easily removed with a Q-tip.

This is the final look. I added some peachy blush on cheeks and nude lipstick with peachy undertone on lips. Photo is taken with flash so you can see the glitter sparkling on lids. And excuse my hair, it likes to get into my eyes when the front part gets too long, gaaah.


Do not use just any glitter on eyes! Make sure it is labeled as cosmetic safe. Lots of bookstores and hobby shops sell beautiful glitter but it is not safe to be used on eyes and face and can cause damage to your corneas. I am sure you dont want to spend New Years eve in ER, crying your eyes out because of the irriration.

Do you like this look? Do you have any requests for holiday tutorials? Leave them in comments :)

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