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Hi again. Like I promised, here are the swatches of Illamasqua Skin Base foundation. This one I use and I made a review not so long ago, if you are interested in details look it up or ask me whatever you would like to know :) Skin Base is inspired by asian BB creams, but [...]

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It has just crossed my mind that I made a review of this foundation on Sminkerica and forgot to publish it on Since the Skin Base is one of my favorite and most used foundations, it definitely deserves to be mentioned here. What you may know about SB – it is inspired by asian [...]

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I was a little dissapointed with Skin79 after I tried their hot pink blemish balm. After looking for a richer and thicker BB cream I came across reviews on Intense Classic Balm and people were saying it has good coverage and nice finish which I also like.(more about it later) Since I became a BB [...]

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I will review one more BB cream from my bunch, stuff I have been using lately and that is Missha Signature Real. I was pleased with Missha’s Perfect Cover and was expecting the same from this one, but those two are different in many ways. First of all, the price. SRC is around 15 $, [...]

BB Cream Comparison


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We all know how great BB creams are. Whitening, SPF, coverage, affordable price – is there anything not to love about them? I dont use liquid foundation in regular daily basis since I got my first one.
I have 4 BBs in my make up/skin care stash and here is my review on each of them.

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