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Yeah, I know..there are like million posts/articles about washing make up brushes out there but I decided to go with it anyway because I dont use special shampoos, conditioners and unicorn pee to take care of my tools. Many people think that brushes are like i.e. human hair. While the texture of the fibers might [...]

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It seems that almost every post I write starts with “I dont actually like…I a not a big fan of…I hate…”. And this one is not an exception. I dont actually like gel liner. I find them usable only for lining my waterline because they stay on, that I must admit. But using them as [...]

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My favorite finish is definetly matte but it is like jackpot to find a good matte lipstick that isnt drying or makes your lips look like a dry skin mess. I am not really interested in neverending search for perfect shade hoping it wont demolish my poor lips so I figured out a way how to throw a matte finish to any lipstick in your stash.

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