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Faith and the Muse is one of my favorite goth bands ever and I have been listening to them for years. Song of the day is Sparks :) Today I am wearing one of the Lush Emotional Brilliance colors, eyeliner in Healthy. It is a muted chartreuse / green shade, perfect for days you want [...]

Precious Things.


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One of my Tori Amos days. Incredible how that woman has a song for every and each one of my mood and feeling. Today it is all about precious things. In one meaning or another. Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism is definitely precious. “So I ran faster but you caught me here Yes, my loyalties turned like [...]

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Today I decided to make a very short tutorial on look I wear most often. Since my job doesnt allow me to wear dramatic looks nor bright or too dark colors, I most frequently reach for eyeliner and lipgloss when getting ready for work. No nuclear physics is involved in this look, I promise :)

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