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It has just crossed my mind that I made a review of this foundation on Sminkerica and forgot to publish it on Since the Skin Base is one of my favorite and most used foundations, it definitely deserves to be mentioned here. What you may know about SB – it is inspired by asian [...]

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Hello, hello! I hope everyone is doing fine, because I am. I had few really good days at work – quite a lot of surgeries which makes me so happy because it feels like I am a step closer to my dream. You know, when you are dressed in scrub, with surgical mask and cap [...]

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I have been in love-hate relationship with Colorstay over the past few years and I can thank that to my skin which changes periodicaly, ranging from oily to dry sometimes in matter of days. Revlon makes colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin and dry/normal. I addmit that I hate the o/c one because it reminds me [...]