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Apocalips lipstick is the best thing that happened to the cosmetic industry this season. To hell with that, not just this season, but I can not ignore previous highlights from Illamasqua like Disciple, Kontrol or Violate. However, a wonderful teal shade is what I pray to be the biggest hit of the season because I [...]

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I was staring at a blank post page for half an hour and I didn’t know how to start this post. “It’s here!” – no, too trivial and insufficient. “Here is another amazing collection from Illamasqua…” – too pretentious and yet underdone. I have no words to express what I feel when I look at [...]

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I posted some photos which leaked on the internet yesterday, but only now I can officially post materials from Human Fundamentalism collection. Wanna hear the story behind the HF? Julian Kynaston, founder of Illamasqua referred to this collection as the most important one in history of this already cult brand. Human Fundamentalism boosts individuality, which [...]

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Illamasqua collection for spring/summer 2012. – Human Fundamentalism More info coming soon, stay tuned. Source: Croatian