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Caution-large post ahead. I got a few questions and requests to write about make up brushes so if you skipped or forgot about the post I made some time ago-go look for it. That, however, doesnt mean I wont be writing about brushes at all. This post will be dedicated to e.l.f. brushes, as you [...]

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Yeah, I know..there are like million posts/articles about washing make up brushes out there but I decided to go with it anyway because I dont use special shampoos, conditioners and unicorn pee to take care of my tools. Many people think that brushes are like i.e. human hair. While the texture of the fibers might [...]

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As you may know, I have entered Sigma Affiliate program for beauty bloggers/youtubers which means I get some free stuff for review and more free stuff for giveaways, like the Miss Taylor kabuki which is held at the moment so dont forget to enter! I have recently got their F80 which is flat top kabuki [...]

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We all know how important blending is for creating perfect make up looks. But how to blend without scraping off colors or ending with messy shadows all over lid? Learn here!

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For todays post I decided to write a word or two about my favorite face brushes. I have about 12 of them but only three I use everyday and I wouldnt change them for MAC brushes all together.

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